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Fears and Phobias

A phobia is “an external symbolic interpretation of an internal anxiety”.

A persons mind (their ‘psyche’) has the ability, having been in an unpleasant incident or experience, for the intense emotions felt at the time to subsequently be ‘bottled up’ in the unconscious part of their mind; such that they become completely unaware of the incident at a conscious level. When that person is then subsequently in the same (or similar) situation again, the psyche (again at an unconscious level) recognises the situation and the intense emotions are re-triggered, at an unconscious level, giving rise to a physiological reaction (a feeling of fear, sweating, tightening of the chest, palpitations etc.), to warn that person not to get into that (or any similar) situation again.

For example, maybe a dog bit you. So you have developed a fear of dogs; as protection against getting bitten again. However, at a conscious level you are completely unaware of the originating incident. Does that make sense ?

The above example is an example of what is called a ‘direct phobia’; where there is a definite link between the originating cause and the resulting effect, (symptom, or phobia).

However some phobias are what are termed ‘indirect phobias’, where the phobia has only an indirect link to the originating cause. The following phobias are almost always indirect:

The above phobias are grouped together because they usually symbolise a situation where the sufferer feels ‘out of control’. If you think about it, there are very few situations in life that could symbolise more a feeling of being ‘out of control’…caught up in a large crowd of people, being dragged along with them…lying on a dentists couch with him about to stick a needle in you…. You get the picture !

Other common phobias are:

Paruresis – the inability to urinate in front of others.

Scopophobia – a fear of embarrassing, or humiliating ‘on the spot’ type public situations.

Coprophobia – a fear of going to the loo (passing faeces).

Emetophobia – a fear of being sick.

The only difference between a phobia and a fear is the severity of the emotional reaction ; a strong dislike of flying is a fear, whereas a pathological fear (an intense, uncontrollable, unendurable, physical fear) is considered to be a phobia.

Analytical Therapy would be used to find the originating cause (the unconscious conflict) of the Phobia, and when the emotions are released, the Phobia disappears; because there is nothing driving it any more.

If you have an unusual fear or phobia why not find out if your fear or phobia has been given a name.

If you want to be free of your particular fear or phobia, and would like to have a free initial consultation, then please contact Peter by either e-mail or telephone, as detailed in the
Fees & Appointments section of this web site. Then you can meet Peter and discuss the therapy in relarion to your own personal situation, and any questions that you might have can be answered.

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