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Surrey Hypnotherapy
Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy - Works with you to enlighten your life and improve your health

Peter Back D.Hyp MIAH

Consultant - Analytical and Clinical Hypnotherapy
Woking, Surrey, UK

Tel. 08707 606765 (24 Hours)
e-mail: PeterBack@Surrey-Hypnotherapy.com

Analytical Hypnotherapy

At Surrey Hypnotherapy Consultant Hypnotherapist Peter Back uses Analytical Hypnotherapy, or Hypno-Analysis, to discover causes of psychological problems and for most cases is the preferred method of working. Hypno-Analysis can be summarised briefly as the doctrine of ‘cause and effect’; every effect (the symptom) must have a cause. Hypno-Analysis reveals and thus removes the cause, and consequently relieves the symptoms.

Emotional problems respond particularly well to ‘Hypno-Analysis’. The object of Analysis is to bring you to a ‘moment of surprising and liberating enlightenment’, and one can be fairly confident that a release will be obtained usually within eight to twelve sessions of Analysis. With these cases we are talking about a complete and lasting release, by finding and removing originating causes – as opposed to mere control of symptoms by suggestion.

There is no reason why anyone should put up with something ‘inside themselves but outside their control’, provided they are prepared to invest some time, money, effort and self-discipline to be free of their problem.

The use of Hypnosis dramatically ‘speeds up’ conventional psychoanalysis, and similar results can be achieved in a few weeks as would be expected from a more conventional ‘1000 hour’ analysis.

It is probably fair to say that almost all clients that undergo Analytical Hypnotherapy find the process to be quite easy and enjoyable, as it provides a fascinating and rewarding journey towards greater self insight, self-knowledge, and enlightenment, and the relief of their symptoms.

If you think that Surrey Hypnotherapist Peter Back, at Surrey Hypnotherapy, might be able to help you using Analytical Hypnotherapy, and you would like to take advantage of a free initial consultation, then please make an appointment with Peter by either e-mail or telephone, as detailed in the
Fees & Appointments section of this web site, and an appointment will then be arranged for you to meet Peter so that your own personal situation can be discussed further, and Peter can answer any questions that you might have.

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